Bacchae at the National Trust

On 29th, 30th & 31st July 2016 aod performed Bacchae, Euripides' masterpiece of rejection and revenge, at Osterley Park

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Bacchae at The National Trust Osterley House:

"Thanks so much for a fab show: 16 years after I first saw it & still great!" -

"@aodtheatre great Sat night watching the Bacchae in a deckchair with a Pimms -highly recommend -is on again tonight at 7.30 Osterley house"

"Stunning...outstanding acting. Exciting interpretation" audience member

"magical and otherworldly.....unforgettable" Emily Jane Clifford

"wonderful...with moments of great pathos and brisk humour" BGS Classics Weekly

"#Bacchae is ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL" @liamcalling

Bacchae 1Bacchae 1
Bacchae 2Bacchae 2
Bacchae 3Bacchae 3
Bacchae 4
Bacchae 5Bacchae 5
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Bacchae pits the uptight King Pentheus against the powerful demi-God Dionysus on his return to his homeland Thebes. When the newly crowned Pentheus forbids any worship of this new God, Dionysus unleashes the savage anger of his Meanad women - 'the Bacchae', and the battle commences. This is a powerful exploration of the seductive nature of cult and the ability of power to corrupt. See who wins in this ultimate power struggle.

Featuring a talented ensemble, and elements of aerial and physical theatre, the evening was a spectacular event bringing classical Greek drama alive for a modern audience.

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