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A high-flying performance from Helen of Troy


Celebrating over 21 years of touring new adaptations of ancient Greek drama to national & international audiences, aod are on the road again, this time with a completely original and spellbinding piece of theatre, featuring a strong physical and aerial dimension. 

Inspired by one of the most famous characters in Greek myth, Helen of Troy, Helen re-positions her story into the 21st century, following the time-ravaged icon 20 years after the all of Troy and upon the death of her dictator husband.  Seemingly locked in a room with only a military figure for company (her lover, jailer, or executioner?), the pair embark on a power struggle for survival. 

Following a development period in 2014, the critically acclaimed, Brighton-based company, Actors of Dionysus, are taking Helen to venues in Malvern and Warwick, as well as seven performances as part of the Brighton Fringe – England’s largest arts festival. 

The multi award-winning creative team includes direction from Jonathan Young, design by Dora Schweitzer and lighting by Ric Mountjoy. Assistant Director, Justin Murray, re-joins the team, and aod Artistic Director Tamsin Shasha takes the title role.

"Let nothing stop you from seeing them." - The Times

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Performed and Co-written by Tamsin Shasha
Directed and Co-written by Jonathan Young 
Production Design - Dora Schweitzer 
Outside Eye – George Mann 
Assistant Director – Justin Murray
Aerial Choreographer – Jami Reed-Quarrell
Sound Designer – Matt Eaton
Lighting Designer - Ric Mountjoy 

Venues include:
Forum Theatre, Malvern – 10th-11th May
Bridge House Theatre, Warwick – 12th-13th May
Sweet St Andrews, Hove – 16th-19th May

Spruce Wood July 16th!!
Lysistrata 2016 update

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