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Fenella Fielding 1927 -2018

Message from the Artistic Director, Tamsin Shasha
It is with great sadness that we learnt of the death, on Wednesday, of our great friend and collaborator Fenella Fielding.  We had the pleasure of working with Fenella on a number of projects including Savage Beauty at the Other Palace (formerly St James Theatre) and The Sweetness of Honey CD (a collection of Sappho poetry set to music).  She had an indomitable spirit and a wicked sense of humour and was forever regaling us with anecdotes from her past.  If there was anyone you could persuade you to believe she would carry on working forever it was her.  She never wanted to stop.  She was also a lovely person to share afternoon tea with at Bafta and I for one will miss her candour, generosity, passion and kindness.  She was a special lady indeed.  We have her voice to remember her by and her spirit lives on in our hearts.
Radio interview
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