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Hel(en) beyond


After an intense few months Helen our Autumn 2014 production has finally come to an end……like the show itself it’s been a rollercoaster experience with a few bruises, silk burns and bumps along the way, but we’ve emerged with something we’re really proud of and excited by. It was difficult to predict that this project would develop into exploring the psyche of a woman on the verge of a meltdown, languishing in a drug induced, partly self-imposed exile, struggling for her own survival and sanity; and yet Tamsin Shasha’s portrayal of Helen was painfully real; a menagerie of sensuality, strength and unfortunate denial Winchester Online

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A passionate and intense piece of physical theatre, Helen is thought-provoking, powerful and makes you question so many of our current values Denis W McGeary, British Theatre Guide  full review click here

Shasha and director Jonathan Young’s script has an urgency that eluded Sophocles, Euripides and Aeschylus… Charles Hutchinson, York Press  full review  click here

A fantastic aesthetic quality to the piece… haunting… gripping… Helen is a visual treat… well worth checking out  Adam Bruce, A Younger Theatre

full review click here

Dionysia Reform Club
Helen on tour

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