Yes – very nigh. The nigh is now – tonight in fact. The last performance of aod’s Autumn tour of Lysistrata will be performed tonight at The Old Town Hall in Hemel Hempstead. To all of those attending tonight, and indeed any other nights you may have attended – I hope the evening is, and was, hugely enjoyable.

There has been a great response to aod’s version of Lysistrata and this first foray into comedy could be the start of something kinda funny. You will be kept posted on future performances and goings-on of course. Check the website for the latest news or you could even join up to our aod e-news!

As for me – well I’m gonna have to bid you a fond farewell dear reader (I know there must be at least one of you out there). I’ve finished for the season as they are inclined to say in the more theatrical circles. Actually finished yesterday – but I just had to have the chance to say goodbye, so cheerio.