Lysistrata, 2010

Lysistrata, 2010


Lysistrata leads the women of Greece in a revolt against the male establishment, calling on them to ban sex in order to stop a bloody conflict.

Adapted by David Stuttard after Aristophanes and directed by Mitch Mitchelson, this production is a hilariously funny, highly accessible, no-nonsense approach to the contemporary staging of a classical text.
This production toured nationally in 2010.

Running time: Approx 79 mins
Age guidance: 14+ - Contains strong language and comic scenes of an adult nature
Special features: Behind the scenes interviews

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“A slick, hilariously funny show which rattles along at high speed on the strength of fine ensemble work from its cast”. The Stage

"Thanks to the Actors of Dionysus for a glorious evening: an uproarious, raunchy, rumbustious romp - larger than life, on every front!" East Oxford Community Classics Centre

“Excellent! I was centre of front row and in pain from laughing! Converted husband to Greek comedy!" Helen King

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