Vol 4: Oedipus The King

Vol 4: Oedipus The King


A transcript of pre-performance talks and lectures associated with aod’s autumn 1995 tour of Oedipus the King, in an A4 ring-binder format.


David Stuttard - The Riddle of Oedipus
David Raeburn - Oedipus and the Riddle of the Sphinx
Richard Seaford - What Does it Mean to have Defeated the Sphinx?
Oswyn Murray - Oedipus and the Problem of Knowledge
Emily Kearns - Plagues, Oracles and Scapegoats
Robert Parker - Prophets and Prophecy in Oedipus the King
Kenneth Dover - The Myth of Oedipus
Pat Easterling - Who is Oedipus?
Edith Hall - Oedipus’ Shadow
Richard Jenkyns - Oedipus and the Idea of a Masterpiece
Gordon Cockburn - The Folly of Oedipus
Richard Buxton - Oedipus the King, or Thinking the Unthinkable
Jasper Griffin, Oedipus and the Infernal Machine
Nicholas Richardson, Ancient and Modern Responses to Oedipus the King


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