Young Trustee Programme

Actors of Dionysus is committed to a diversity of perspectives as a requirement for a successful board. We are also committed to developing the skills of young people and providing opportunities for the charity and creative industry leaders of the future. This is why we have established our Young Trustee Programme. Currently less than 3% of charity trustees are under 30. To help change this we have pledged that two positions on our board will be filled by young people, in collaboration with sixth form colleges and further education. This operates on a rotating basis, with new Young Trustee being appointed every twelve months. Our board benefits from intergenerational exchange, the inclusion of new and innovative ideas and the Young Trustees are given the opportunity to develop their skills, grow their networks and learn about the creative industries.

A board of trustees monitors the actions of a company and makes sure that it is carrying out the job it was set up to do. aod’s board consists of a variety of people with different backgrounds and experiences across different job sectors, who use their knowledge, experience and networks to help us deliver our work as a company in addition to overseeing the charity. The board meets with the Artistic director and employees of the company every quarter (every three months) to discuss the company’s activities and plans for the future.

As a Young Trustee you would be part of this board and your ideas and input into the workings of aod would be a valued part of the running of the company.

For more information about our Young Trustee Programme please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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