Judith Parker, Sacred Heart High School

“Absolutely fantastic. Mark was really engaging, knowledgeable and encouraging – he was just perfect. It has really enhanced their study of the play and I am so appreciative. I hope that we can work with you again.”

Sophie Bartlett, Southam College

“I could not recommend this workshop enough. Mark was enthusiastic and full of energy, motivating the students, while simultaneously scaffolding his approach to different students who needed varying degrees of care and support. It was a pleasure to watch him work and all of our students were gushing afterwards at how much they had learnt and how much they had enjoyed it.”

Charlotte Wakelin, Riddlesdown Collegiate

"The discussion of key themes and different interpretations of the text massively benefitted the students. Mark created a supportive atmosphere in which even the students who were shy at first felt confident to express themselves. 10/10 – An excellent opportunity for our students!”

Duncan Carnegie, George Heriot's School

“It was another fantastic workshop. As ever, many thanks for all that you do.”

Karen Adler

"I felt completely immersed in the experience. For a blissful hour and a half, I forgot all my worries and now feel inspired to consider drama and theatre studies as a degree option.”

Izzy Forrester, Archbishop Tennison’s School

“The whole workshop was wonderful! My students enjoyed it immensely and were inspired by Mark’s enthusiasm for Greek theatre. We are rarely able to have workshops because of the expense so thank you so much for giving us this opportunity.”

Anthea Georgiou, Kingsmead School

“A fantastic opportunity for the students, really engaging and informative – highly recommend this for other schools and I definitely would call for another workshop in the future!”

Rowenna Mortimer, Working Men’s College

“We loved the the new approaches to the text - students are still using them. It was great to see the confidence developed/shown by some of the students in the session which was unexpected. This was really good for some of the students who would never have a chance otherwise. More please!”

Baris Celiloglu, Sir George Monoux College

“The chorus exercises were very good and exercises on actions with different emotions were very useful. We would love to have your company back. We really appreciate [these opportunities] as our budget has been shrunk and we can’t afford workshops anymore.”

Julie Gardner, Nower Hill High School

“The students getting the opportunity to work with some of the text of the performance of Antigone that they saw Actors of Dionysus perform back in Oct/Nov was a highlight. The advice and comments that Will gave the students was very valuable and knowledgeable.”

David Hogg, Kelmscott School

“10 out of 10 – they loved it and wanted to read more Greek drama. In fact the pupils want someone to come in and show them how to perform the plays in the Greek. This was a very worthwhile experience and the pupils were inspired by this workshop.”

Jessica Joyce, Cranford Community College

“It was really helpful having an outside practitioner leading the workshop as it provided a different dynamic. The students have taken a number of the ideas and points discussed and used them to inspire their own project which is exactly what I wanted to happen.”

Rhianna Elsden, Queen Elizabeth’s School

“It was perfect timing to have the workshop now – it has refuelled them and me as we head ever closer to the written exam.”

Natalie Kitching, New College

‛‛Mark Katz ran a fantastic workshop, which focused on the physical comedy of Lysistrata and the rehearsal techniques that could be used for their own director’s interpretation. Practical and creative. His enthusiasm and energy engaged the students.”

Julie Baldwin, Manshead Upper School

“Everyone participated. No-one left out. Please come back again!” 10/10

Victoria Prisley, Stag Theatre, Sevenoaks

“A lovely atmosphere - very helpful as an introduction to the play and the text work was great.”

Julie Mccay, Liverpool Community College

“The variety of exercises covered in the session was a highlight…very positive feedback from the students.”

John Davies, Dauntsey School

“Thanks for an excellent afternoon…I’ve had a unanimously positive response from the students – they enjoyed it and learnt a lot.”

Charlotte Avery, Norwich High School For Girls

“It was inspiring! Leader was a very good communicator. Stimulated our U6 in their own directing work.” 10/10

Rhianna Elsden, Queen Elizabeth’s School

“The tailoring of the content to suit requirements with fantastic communication in advance is a feature that is especially reassuring when deciding whether to spend precious budget.”

Andy Mckellar, Head Of Classics, Glasgow Academy

“The kids are raving about how much fun it was and about how much they learnt.”

Richard Stride, Bristol Cathedral School

“Lively and engaging workshop which focused very neatly on the particular aspects of the play that we were studying. An excellent combination of background information and context, with detailed analysis of the structure of the play and the roles of the various characters and the chorus was truly excellent.”

Marie Hood, Balcarras School

“Thank you so much for coming at relatively short notice and giving our students a superb launch point for their studies.” 10/10

Paul Campbell, Holy Cross College

“Really pleased. The students totally enjoyed the experience and engaged with the performance potential of the text.” 10/10

Gary Baxendale, Ryburn Valley High School

“Total engagement of all pupils. A truly excellent workshop.” 10/10

Alexis Barnard, Aberystwyth

"The use of text to create a short performance was fabulous!” 10/10

Duncan Carnegie, George Heriot’s School

"The workshop was truly excellent under the charismatic leadership of David Stuttard. Our pupils enjoyed it hugely and learned a great deal about Greek theatre in general and Medea in particular.”

Ishbel Rose, Clapton Girls’ Academy

“The highlights were Mark’s knowledge and enthusiasm…very engaging delivery and variety of exercises…will definitely be booking future workshops – thank you!” 10/10

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