Mark Katz at Davison High School for Girls, November 2018


Since February 2018 we have been running a free workshop campaign to increase access to the Classics, by offering free Greek drama workshops to state schools and colleges across the UK. 

As of July 2019 we have given away 30 workshops, and the response to the campaign has been fantastic. We have reached students who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity to take part in external workshops, and offered teachers valuable practical support in venues where funding has been cut.

“The whole workshop was wonderful! We are rarely able to have workshops because of the expense so thank you so much for giving us this opportunity.”

Izzy Forrester, Archbishop Tennison’s School

“The chorus exercises were very good and exercises on actions with different emotions were very useful. We really appreciate [these opportunities] as our budget has been shrunk and we can’t afford workshops anymore.”

Baris Celiloglu, Sir George Monoux College

Mark Katz at Cardinal Newman School, February 2019


Subject to funding, we aim to continue running the campaign, expanding it to other areas of the country.

We would like to thank the Four Acre Trust, The Classical Association, The Newcomen Collett Foundation and the generosity of our supporters, who have made the campaign possible. 

Will Bridges at Kingsmead School, November 2018

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