Our workshops are very practical in nature and give students the opportunity to improvise with ideas and work from text. They are designed to meet specific requirements such as exam specifications and educational syllabuses. The emphasis is on exploration and identification of key characteristics of ancient Greek drama in an informative, hands on and engaging environment. Workshops can focus on particular areas, for example the nature of the chorus both from an ancient and contemporary viewpoint. Physical, vocal and choral exercises provide students with the technical tools to play with and inform the text.

To arrange a workshop please email or contact him directly at 07903 390087 

”It was impressive how much information and practical work was covered in a two-hour workshop. The students were able to produce exciting and thought-provoking performance work in a very short space of time.”

Paul Webster, Performing Arts and Drama Subject Advisor, Edexcel

"Total engagement of all pupils. A truly excellent workshop - 10/10"

Gary Baxendale, Ryburn Valley High School

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