Medea, 2005

Medea, 2005


This audiobook brings to life Euripides’ Medea, read by actors from the company.
Deserted by her husband Jason, whose life she saved at great cost to herself and others, and forced in to exile by the father of her rival in love, Medea plots a barbaric revenge. The consequences wrought by her destructive actions, and by those who underestimate her bewitching power, are harrowing.

A timeless tragedy of a woman scorned and desperate to wreak a terrible vengeance.

Translated and directed by David Stuttard and featuring music composed by Olive Hamilton, this audiobook is produced by Penguin.


Roger Braban - Aegeus
Lizzie Cox & Anton Mirto - Chorus
Maria Fierheller - Nurse
Mark Katz - Jason
John Kingsley - Tutor
Anthony Ofoegbu - Creon
Tamsin Shasha - Medea
David Stuttard – Messenger

Running time: Approx 90 mins - Double CD
Age guidance: 12+


“Stuttard’s sensitive and powerful translation keeps the force of the drama moving…Actors of Dionysus leave behind in their audiences an experience of deep intensity.” St Andrews Citizen, on Electra

“A very important teaching aid.” - The Open University

“Performed with an energy and passion that matched the superb staging, direction and design.” The Argus, on Agamemnon

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