Antigone, 2017

Antigone, 2017


A brother condemned to walk forever in the shadow of death.

A family teetering on the brink of catastrophe.

A world where one girl dares to take a stand.

This blistering adaptation, written by Christopher Adams and directed by Tamsin Shasha, sees Sophocles’ tragedy reimagined in a dystopian landscape, where fate is written in code and where drones flock across the skies. 

This production toured nationally in autumn 2017 and combines bold ideas with passionate and visceral physical theatre. 

Running time: Approx 80 mins

Age guidance: 12+

Special features: Trailer, interviews with the cast, director and writer

Watch the Trailer


“The cast is superb...both funny and thought provoking; an amazing and entertaining achievement for one of the most tragic tales in history.” North West End

"A truly outstanding production.” Fringe Review

“Adams' Antigone shares more than a passing handshake with Anouilh's own, and that commerce is given vigorous life in a performance of noisy, visceral integrity.” Yorkshire Times

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