Medea, 2014

Medea, 2014


Euripides’ tale of the fury of a woman scorned is explored in this bold and searingly beautiful aerial version of the classic.

Adapted by David Stuttard and featuring Tamsin Shasha in the title role, this production piloted at the Rose Theatre Kingston in 2013 and combines ambitious aerial work with wall running and live singing in a tense psychological drama of sexual jealousy and revenge.

Running time: Approx 70 mins
Age guidance: 12+
Special features: Cast interviews, trailer, question and answer session with cast members

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“One of the best productions of Greek tragedy I have ever seen: it is awe-inspiring, emotionally exhausting and thought-provoking and it reminds me of exactly why ancient drama is still worth studying and performing today.” Rosie Wyles

“Excellent theatre and a sublime ending…Wonderful stuff.” Theatre Reviews

“Impressive, touching, daring, powerful, dynamic, emotional and definitely worth watching.” The River

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